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What is your purpose in life? Shalom Hospice can help.

A career in hospice care can open up many unique opportunities. Unlike other healthcare career choices, a career with Shalom doesn’t revolve around patients seeking curative treatment but providing a quality of life when that time comes. Hospice is a specialized field and there are multiple reasons why so many people choose to work in hospice care. If you’re in the healthcare field and want to change the lives of patients in need, you might be one of those individuals.

The hospice care field is comprised of healthcare professionals with a variety of backgrounds, educations, and experiences. Jobs in hospice care include healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals, such as nurses, physicians, certified nursing assistants, home health aides, spiritual counselors, and social workers, who all play an important role in hospice and palliative care. A career in hospice care can be challenging at times but very rewarding. A healthcare professional who chooses to work in hospice and palliative medicine concentrates on preventing and alleviating suffering and improving the quality of life for patients and their families facing the many challenges of living with a life-limiting illness. We address physical, as well as emotional, and spiritual needs. Caring for terminally ill patients and their families and making sure they enjoy quality of life is a goal of Shalom Hospice workers.

We know that professional rewards are important. As healthcare evolves, and we continue to grow, we want our staff to grow too. That’s why at Shalom Hospice we offer hands-on field training, evidence-based e-learning, and continued hospice care education as ways of growing your potential and increasing your impact in our community. Health Insurance, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability Insurance, Paid Time Off, are offered to all Full Time and part-time employees. Wouldn’t you like to be part of a team of caring individuals? Redefine Your Career by joining a team of caring individuals who put the care and needs of patients and families first and continue to provide a quality service at that time of need.