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Medical Social Services

A hospice social worker is a patient’s advocate entrusted with his/her end-of-life wishes. They also help individuals face emotional aspects of late-stage illnesses. Hospice social workers may also aid families in finding available local services and resources for additional support.

As hospice workers, we will provide care not only for the patient but also for their entire family. Our primary focus is always on finding out what is most important to the them and what bothers them the most. Our social workers will get as much information by listening. We like to let our patients direct what issues they may need help with. It can be many things from needing more care in the home, help with advanced care planning, and accessing community resources to providing supportive counseling. It all depends on the person’s situation.

As social workers, our convictions add an important element to the overall care. We bring calmness to otherwise difficult situations through empathy, advocacy, and supportiveness.

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